How is the idea?

In the village of Centelles and surroundings, a recognized musical tradition, it is not strange existence of corals, both aimed at children and adults as aimed at the elderly. What is not normal is the existence of too many corals dedicated to young people.

Cantus Firmus Choir was founded in spring 2007 and is aimed mainly at young people and adults interested in choral music. The group has the dynamism and musical training of its young singers its main characteristics.

In this sense, the choir added to the range of musical possibilities of the region, contributing their bit in keeping the beautiful task to follow encouraging and cultivating the love for music that is made from the corals.

Brief curriculum

CANTUS FIRMUS CHOIR– S. C. La Violeta, de Centelles –

In spring 2007 the town of Centelles, a major choral tradition, was born a new heart. Our training with young voices, is a reference to all the Osona. Since its inception the weekly meeting allowed for testing the strength of the group, the security of each of the singers and careful work of the voices of all young people.

The goals have been from the beginning: and polyphonic works appeared in public with the necessary tools where appropriate; interpret pieces without limitations, ie, of all times and styles; promote the learning of music in general and the taste for choral singing in particular; learn vocal techniques and music theory; concerts regularly to present their work, but above all a job well done; and, why not say it, cross borders and toured all over the Catalan countries and the world. Within these tours should be noted a successful visit our Italian neighbors with memorable concerts at St. Anthony of Padua, St. Marco in Venice or Vedelago.

At the end of 2010 participated in the international choral competition “City of Aviles” which won the prize for the best interpretation of the work of origin. In July 2016 participated in the international competition of choral Cantonigròs obtaining a valuable fourth place in the contest of “mixed choirs up to 40 voices”

From the outset the young choir is directed by Gabriel Miralles and now forms part of the more than century-old Violet Choral Society. Part of the technical team and the singer singing teacher Monica Toll. The choir regularly works with singing teacher and teacher Elisenda Cabero Manel Cabero. Also, sporadically, works and participates in projects of renowned conductors and choral groups.

But above all the most important is to listen and enjoy local live as this is the only and best way to see the result of careful work and enjoy the whole project

You can get more information directly from choir web page http://corcantusfirmus.com website or put them in touch via the email address info@corcantusfirmus.com. A page can hear the interpretation of the repertoire, see photos, find the calendar of activities …

First essays


First essay

On Sunday, the 3rd of June, 2007, at 8 p.m. we were in the School of Centelles’s Music since it was the place where we had to realize the essays from the beginning. Last-minute circumstances did that we were moving towards the School of the Sacred Hearts, where they left us nicely a room for essaying.

A small group of ten singers were enlivening the first notes beginning the new coral that has as distinctive elements of their members:

-The need of basic knowledge of music.
-An age included between fifteen years and the forties, approximately.

Second essay

We have re-essay in the School of the Sacred Hearts, which very nicely have re-leave us a room. Thank you!

And the adventure continues. If the first day we were eleven, today we are aimed at eighteen! It seems that the offer is successful and everything makes think that the near, when we restart the essays, we will increase more in number. If everything is OK, for Santa Cecília we will do the first concert!

Still we don’t know where we will do the next essay, or those of the near. It is necessary that we are attentive to the information of this page. And if you are interested in receiving information it is only necessary that you ask in our e-mail: