Gabriel Miralles Güell

When he was a child, he started music studies based on piano, organ and harmonium in Conservatori de Música from Barcelona and in Ars Nova academy, conducted by Maria Canals. His studies based on conducting choirs have been done with the greatest teachers, as they are Manuel Cabero and Piere Cao.

When he was fifteen, he had his first contact with the choir world as a technical assistant and quickly he became the conductor assistant in “Coral Canticela”, always in the side of Constantí Sotelo.

Nowadays and since June 1989, he conducts the “Coral Canticela” from “Sagrada Família” in Barcelona. Between 1992 and 1998 he conducted the Engineering University choir La Salle from Barcelona, since June 2006 and during two years he conducted the “Cor Bach” from the Bach Assotiation of Barcelona. In June 2007 founded “Nova Coral Jove” from Centelles, actually called “Cor Cantus Firmus”.

We like to emphasize the tours done with Coral Canticela to Argentina in August 2005, and with Engineering University Choir La Salle to Argentina in August 1995, together with the one to France in June 1998. He has been the guest conductor as a Catalan music specialist in the “Festival de música coral de Santa Fe” , Argentina, organized by the choir of the “Catholic University of Santa Fe.”

With the support of the “Coral Canticela”, he has promoted different music workshops to study and interpreting “Criolla Mass” by Ariel Ramirez, and “St Johan’s Passion” by J.S.Bach.